These 10 Financial Related Podcasts Could Ease Anxiety for Anyone Retired or Looking to Retired

Across the U.S., gasoline and food costs are soaring. This, along with the historic spike in inflation, has spooked the stock market and investors.

It is no surprise that retirees living on fixed incomes are now worried that rising prices could upset their well-laid retirement plans. Many retirees receive a steady income from a pension and those payments may not increase as prices rise. 

A recent survey by Global Atlantic Financial Group has found that 61% of retirement-age investors believe that low interest rates and rising inflation will make it harder to create an income stream that will last their lifetimes. 

While not everyone fears retirement, for those that do, it can be a terrifying prospect even without inflation. During normal times, most people who are planning for retirement or are already retired worry about running out of money.

Fortunately, planning for retirement may be easier than ever today. Thanks to the internet, sound financial advice has become more accessible through money related blogs and podcasts.

In fact, dozens of financial podcasts have emerged in recent years which aim to help regular people prepare better for their golden years. 

Covering top retirement concerns and how to address them, many podcasts are now helping Americans boost their financial IQ and ease their financial anxiety as they head towards retirement. 

Here are 10 money related podcasts that can be listened to anywhere and present their content in a fun and engaging format that makes listeners want to learn more:

RETIRE WITH PURPOSE – The Retire with Purpose Podcast helps retirees and pre-retirees maximize their financial confidence. Host Casey Weade discusses thoughts and ideas each week with some of today’s foremost experts in finance and retirement, as well as trending topics that could affect your bottom line. These strategies can help you make better financial decisions so you can live the lifestyle you’ve always imagined and deserve.

FINISHING WELL – Finishing Well is brought to you by, with Certified Financial Planner, Hans Scheil. The podcast examines topics such as social security, Medicare, IRAs, Long Term Care, Life Insurance, Investments, and taxes to assist families in finishing well. 

STAY WEALTHY – Stay Wealthy is a Forbes Top 10 retirement podcast that is hosted by award-winning Taylor Schulte, CFP®. Schulte was named the #2 Independent Financial Advisor in the U.S. by Investopedia and each week he teaches how to reduce taxes, invest smarter, and make work optional in retirement. He covers topic such as Roth conversions, advanced tax planning, IRAs, 401(k)’s, retirement income strategies, insurance, pensions, stocks and bonds, social security, and more.

THE MONEY GUY SHOW – In this podcast, Brian Preston and Bo Hanson are fee-only financial planners who go beyond common sense and help take finances to the next level. The duo present information in an educational and entertaining way, offering valuable conversations every Friday. Their approachable style makes complicated financial topics simple. 

COUPLE MONEY – One of the most significant areas of disagreement in marriage is finances. Host Elle Martinez examines ways to work as a team to get out of debt and build a financially independent life together. Each episode is around 20 minutes long and offers practical tips that couples can apply to their lives.

MILLENNIAL INVESTING – Already downloaded over five million times. This podcast covers an extensive range of finance topics. Everything from personal finance to stock market investing and the property market. Hosted by Robert Leonard and Clay Finck, it covers investing basics, investment and financial advice for investors up to their late 30s. The show has lined up top investors, experts, and successful entrepreneurs to guide millennial investors who are getting into long-term stock market investing, options trading, and more. 

THE DAVE RAMSEY SHOW – Dave Ramsey is a very well recognized name for getting out of debt. With millions of listeners, his podcast episodes are snippets of his radio show and help Americans take control of their money and life once and for all.

HER MONEY PODCAST – Her Money with Jean Chatzky is a podcast that is aimed at women who want to understand how to spend, save, and invest money from a female perspective. Chatzky is the CEO and co-founder of Her Money and leads discussions that include many big financial topics from investing to budgeting, saving, and even love. 

HOW TO MONEY – How To Money is hosted by best friends Joel and Matt, who include their listeners in some straightforward conversations about all things money. The duo offers simple explanations of valuable content through a casual approach.  Episodes are released twice a week and run for around an hour.

THE RICH DAD RADIO SHOW – Robert Kiyosaki is a well-known name in investing, starting his success started many years ago with his first book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad.’ Each 45-minute episode in his podcast discusses his view on finding prospective investments. He discusses everything from economics, business, and money to personal development.

While personal finance isn’t always an exciting topic, one can never be too money smart. 

Being intentional with what you listen to while you go about your day might improve your finances if you listen to good quality podcasts and apply them.  

With the podcasts listed above, learning up-to-date basics of investing, and avoiding financial pitfalls, could help millions of Americans stay up to speed and prepare for retirement better.