In this modern fast-paced world, companies are fighting for attention and to stand out to potential customers. 

You might think that reaching for a target audience must be challenging, but it does not have to be. Not when there is a methodical two punch strategy that can deliver incredible results for any company that wants to advertise effectively.

What is this “miracle” marketing strategy? It is the combination of radio and digital advertising. 

These two mediums go head-to-head in the marketing world but combining the two can drive a much higher ROI and improve two-way communication with audiences.

When companies and organizations take advantage of not just one, but both avenues, the results can be pretty powerful.

Radio is often a medium that is overlooked. Some may even mistakenly believe that radio is as effective as using a sandwich board to advertise a business. The truth, however, is that radio offers significant advertising advantages and can reach millions of people.

With radio you cannot ‘switch your ears off’. Even when you are not listening, you are still listening. This makes it a lot easier to engage with an audience.

There have been many studies that prove radio’s ability to deliver a glorious return on investment for advertisers. Radio’s biggest power is in wide reaching branding and awareness. According to Statista, as of 2018, Americans averaged 106 minutes of radio listening time per day, with a weekly reach of around 90 percent among adults.

Another great advantage of radio is that you get a lot of bang for your buck. Radio advertising costs range from just a couple of hundred dollars to even$5,000 per week, on average, depending on location and the size of the listening audience. The cost is naturally higher in competitive markets.

So how does digital advertising sweeten the pot?

Many consumers will respond to hearing a radio ad with an Internet search to investigate further. In fact, Jupiter Research has found that offline advertising drives two-thirds of online search queries, according to Jupiter Research.

GE Capital Retail Bank has also found that 81% of consumers conduct online research before buying a product or service. 

Therefore, collaborating radio and digital allows for your message to be reinforced across multiple platforms. It additionally strengthens both the message and creating a more cohesive strategy. 

Peter Roesler, the president of Small Business SEO, has stated, “Running ads entirely on radio will give marketers a good portion of the local commuter audience, but a growing number of people will get their morning music and news from an app. Using banner ads that are available on generic apps or the specific audio and visual apps possible on Internet radio apps helps to ensure that marketers reach a larger percentage of their target audience.”

Here are 5 tips for when combining your digital and radio advertisements:

1. Organize your website. When potential candidates arrive at your website, make sure it is current and informative. Also make sure it clearly states your message and makes it easy for people to engage. You also want to make sure the website is SEO optimized. Potential customers who hear a spot on the radio might search for you, either by name or by using the keywords they remember from your ad. 

2. If you have launched a marketing campaign that includes familiar radio voices, consider integrating those personalities into your digital ads. For example, do photo ads that include the host using your products or feature that familiar personality as part of your ad. Incorporate some of these practices for banner ads and other digital ads.

3. Keep consistent language. The language should remain the same between radio spots and digital marketing assets. Customers should not hear one message about your brand on the radio, but then see something completely different when they connect with your brand through the digital marketing ads. 

4. Consider incorporating influencers. Many listeners have trusted relationships with their favorite on-air talent and rely on them for key information and connection every day. Hearing favorite influencers endorse or advertise a product or service can resonate with audiences entirely differently. Think about incorporating the pictures or quotes directly from influencers in the digital ads. 

5.  Place digital ads on radio station websites. Target audiences will visit station websites for concert information or to register for one of the contests going on. Seeing your ad on the website can help further emphasize a partnership with the radio station. They hear the ad on the air and then see the ad on the website.

Do you want more engagement? Do you want to improve the overall perception of your company brand? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, use both the radio and digital space when throwing your marketing dollars at an advertising plan.