As one of the most proven effective outlets available, radio offers you a chance to connect with listeners in a meaningful way.

Radio Media can help you assemble a calendar of pre-scheduled interviews – of up to 15 minutes in length – at a series of carefully targeted radio stations, allowing your message to get maximum potential exposure.


When you partner with Radio Media to coordinate your radio media tour, you’ll receive:

  • A carefully created schedule designed to reach the markets, radio formats and audiences that are the best targets for your message…
  • Maximum efficiency: we work hard to make sure your spokesperson’s time is used effectively and in a way that generates maximum on-air time for your message…
  • Digital files from your interviews, allowing you to showcase your message on your web site or via your own marketing campaign…
  • Comprehensive reporting showing you verified audience members in each market so you can best understand the reach and potential impact of your campaign…


  • Complete written pitch notification (subject to your approval)
  • Comprehensive plan including targeted list of appropriate stations and outlets
  • Personalized pitching via phone and communication of background information to interested target stations
  • Easy-to-follow schedule that incorporates booking interviews during times you’ve designated and includes confirmation emails 24 hours in advance of appearances
  • Issuing a broadcast alert
  • Media training session for your spokesperson to ensure they are well prepared to deliver your message and answer questions
  • Teleconferencing with a Radio Media moderator, which you can listen in on
  • Audio copy of each interview from your media tour
  • Verification of usage for each station participating in the tour
  • And a comprehensive report detailing broadcast usage information from each media outlet


  • Background information on your company and message, including a press kit, fact sheets, press releases and any relevant articles to help write the script
  • A list or schedule detailing your spokesperson’s availability with allowance for approximately fifteen minutes of recording time via phone
  • A lead time of 24 hrs before campaign launch
  • Demographic information and a list of geographic areas you wish to target