Since the 1920s, radio has been used to reach many audiences across the nation. That radio is 100% audio-based makes it one of the most effective mediums for marketing. 

Anything said on the radio can resonate with the listener’s ears, that is, if it is said properly. If a radio ad is strong, naturally the listener will want to try the products and services that are being marketed.

Fast forward to today, roughly one hundred years after the first radio commercial aired in 1922, and it is social media that has turned into one of the most successful and engaging forms of marketing among consumers.

With the creation of the internet, the rise in mobile consumption and most consumers having an on-the-go lifestyle, marketing messages can no longer be expected to generate ultimate results through just one medium.

Most businesses have found that most advertising works best when they complement one another, and they use channels in tandem. 

By pairing two or more platforms together like radio and social media, marketers can extend their reach and increase their overall ROI with a cohesive, effective strategy. This not only engages with current customers, but potential customers too.

Here are a few ways to combine traditional radio and modern social media marketing in order to effectively reach more people and engage with your audience:

1. Your marketing creative should not be contained to just one platform. Incorporate your radio advertising into a social media presence. You can do this by making the audio available on a Facebook page or reward customers who hear your ad and report back to you on Twitter. The latter could be done by adding a call-to-action on your radio ad such a “Tell us about a time when this happened to you too.” Your audience can then engage with you on your social media platform. 

2. Bring your ad to life by turning it into a story. Video content is one of the most engaging forms of marketing on social media. Whether it’s a short-form video on TikTok or Instagram Stories, or longer content on YouTube, videos are becoming the dominant future of social media advertising. Whatever ad you have on the radio might turn into a video with actual people. For example, a doctor’s office may have a patient and doctor talking in a radio ad. They can turn this into a story with two actors to drive the ad home on social media.

3. Radio has long been a way to engage with local communities. Many businesses or organizations will advertise on the radio about a local show or sale. You can use social media to share the location of the show or sale and do promotions for it. You can even use a specific hashtag for the event to get a Twitter reaction. Combining live events with radio and social media can enhance customer engagement on a new level. 

4. If your marketing goal is to grow a business, generate leads, increase business traffic or sell products and services, then you must have a clear call-to-action. You must make the opportunity to take action clear, like asking listeners on the radio to visit a certain website to subscribe or to visit a website to add a certain item to their shopping cart. Having listeners hear a direction on the radio that leads them to social media is helping direct them to purchase your products or seek your services. 

5. Consider building a content marketing strategy. This is a blueprint or plan to build content around your radio ads that can incorporate social media such as blog posts, videos, and even podcasts. You want to humanize your radio ads and make them come alive by having your listeners have a place to visit where they can further engage. 

These are just a few ideas on how to effectively combine radio and social media to showcase your unique brand or product. Radio used with social media may be the best way to get the most out of your marketing spend and can help boost your results and extend your reach. 

Big or small businesses are realizing how important it is to establish a strong social media presence next to radio advertising. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are being used more and more by marketers to target ideal buyers and drive relevant traffic to their sites. 

With this digital driven world that we are living in, many people wonder if antiquated radio ads are effective if they already have a social media presence. 

Radio reaches more Americans than any other platform measured by Nielsen. Among adults 18+, radio reaches 92% of U.S. adults every week.

Obviously, the answer is that radio is still very essential in today’s marketing world and used alongside social media can offer a unique opportunity to marketers to reach a wider audience and stay in touch with loyal customers.