The Top Travel Podcasts to Inspire Your Next Trip as Travel Demand Skyrockets

The Memorial Day holiday weekend has officially wrapped up and these three days in May are known for being one of the best times of the year to be travel inspired.

Despite soaring gas prices and unrelenting inflation, it was expected that more Americans would travel this past weekend compared to last year with the increase attributed to “pent-up demand” from the pandemic.

“With pandemic restrictions lifting and modes of travel such as air and cruises continuing to rebound, Auto Club travel advisors are working hard to re-book trips that were delayed over the last two years and plan new adventures for friends and families,” said Heather Felix, the Auto Club’s vice president of travel products and services.

Many travelers spent the three-day weekend tackling some of their dream destinations. This may have included a scenic drive through a state park, soaking some sun at the beach, or even booking a room at one of the newest hotels in the city.

Even though this holiday travel weekend is over, summer is around the corner and the season is expected to be explosive for tourism.  

The enormous podcast space has become home to dozens of travel related shows that can help transport listeners to new destinations and give them ideas for their next journey this summer.

Check out the following list, which has some of the top travel related podcasts that offer inspirational travel audio chats from the world’s top podcast presenters. 

Wanderlust: Off the Page. This podcast is from the UK’s top travel magazine and takes a deeper dive into the pages of Wanderlust magazine. Episodes feature chats with Wanderlust editors and award-winning author and writer Shafik Mehji, with interviews conducted by Aaron Millar. Destinations range from Easter Island to the Colorado Rockies.

The Travel Diaries. In the UK’s #1 award-winning travel podcast, presenter Holly Rubenstein describes The Travel Diaries as the travel version of Desert Island Discs, where celebrity guests reveal the travel experiences that shaped them rather than songs. Each week she interviews a different high-profile traveler about the seven travel chapters of their life, uncovering the seminal travel experiences that have shaped who they are today.

Baggage Claim. Introducing a podcast that covers the travel stories that no one really tells. Host Will Conway talks about the awkward moments in travel which include him almost pooping in the middle of the street and accidentally illegally immigrates to Paraguay.

Greetings from Somewhere. This Amazon travel podcast gives listeners “a considerable amount of pleasure” according to Vulture. Outside Magazine celebrates the show as “impeccably made”, and Podcast Review referred to it as a “breakout star of the genre.” Hosted by Zach Mack, the series blends travel narrative with investigative journalism.

JUMP with Traveling Jackie. Host Jackie Nourse has been talking about traveling for many years. Since 2014 she has been a major name in travel podcasting and first hosted the Budget Minded Traveler, a show dedicated to the noble pursuit of cheap travel. This newest podcast includes an online community and travel programs with one clear message: if you want adventure, you will have to take the jump. 

Armchair Explorer. This established travel podcast features the best travel stories that are told from the road. Award-winning travel writer and journalist Aaron Miller delivers tales of adventure together with his signature commentary. The documentary-style podcast features guests who recount their best travel stories including Alice Morrison, a nomad who walked the entire length of Morocco. 

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase. In this podcast, a glamorous international flight attendant describes her encounters with characters high in the skies. Using the pseudonym Betty Thesky, this veteran of the sky with old-school style offers listeners travel tips as well as stories from her old diaries. She also interviews fellow fliers.

The pandemic may have changed the landscape of travel, but the appeal of travel remains. Thankfully, higher prices won’t curtail millions of Americans who are eager to continue exploring.

Record-breaking fuel costs influenced by the Russian and Ukraine conflict have pushed oil prices up around the world, which has led to higher airfare costs. 

A recent Labor Department report has also found that hotel and motel prices rose by nearly 23 percent since April 2021. Airbnb’s average daily rates are up 5 percent from last year, the company’s chief financial officer, Dave Stephenson, told investors earlier this month.  

The price of rental cars and trucks has additionally soared over 10 percent annually as the global chip shortage continued to limit the nation’s supply of vehicles. 

“Prices are having little impact on Americans’ summer travel plans, though some travelers will take fewer or shorter trips or adjust their travel budgets,” said Tori Emerson Barnes, the travel group’s executive vice president of public affairs and policy. 

Arline executives have even predicted that for the first time this summer, U.S. airports will process 3 million travelers on a single day. And according to the U.S. Travel Association, 6 out of 10 Americans are going to take at least one summer trip. 

Tourism continues to come back with a vengeance and as travelers look for recommendations for future excursions, podcasts are offering entertainment, humor and a wealth of knowledge to help guide them.