Some of the Hottest Destinations to Travel to This Summer Include Mexico City and Peru

Adventures on the Canary Islands? Serenity in Ojai? Swimming in Cyprus? The 2022 summer travel season is upon us, and these may be some vacation ideas that are inspiring travelers.

It looks like the hiatus from travel during the pandemic is over. Spending is now near pre-pandemic levels. According to the U.S. Travel Association, travel spending was $95 billion as of March 2022, only 5% below 2019 levels.

The association has also found that a whopping 6 out of 10 Americans are going to take at least one summer trip. Despite higher gas prices, expensive airfare, and the concerns of another Covid outbreak, 35% of Americans are still expecting to travel more this summer than last year.

In fact, travel will be up 16 percent this summer, according to research by Allianz Partners, a travel insurance and assistance company. And according to a recent ValuePenguin survey of 1,050 U.S. consumers, almost three-quarters of Americans report they’ve made summer travel plans this year.

Summer will be a momentous season for travel and in those three months, seaside hotspots along the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, European grand tours, and classic American destinations are among some getaways that are already being booked.

“It’s no surprise that Americans are planning to kick back and relax in sun-soaked destinations both domestically and internationally,” Daniel Durazo, director of external communications at Allianz Partners, said in a statement. 

“U.S. cities that were once buzzing tourist destinations pre-pandemic, like Boston, New York City, and Los Angeles, are seeing a significant return of travelers this summer as well, signaling a positive step in tourism recovery,” Durazo added.

“People have likely been saving up to take major bucket list trips or are now ready to take trips they had planned before the pandemic,” remarks Sophia Mendel, ValuePenguin credit cards and travel rewards expert.

For travelers who are still trying to decide where to go, here are a few of the hottest destinations to consider this year:

Orlando, Florida: Orlando is always a popular destination, being close to world-famous theme parks such as Walt Disney World, as well as many other notable attractions, including the John F. Kennedy Space Center. Orlando is the country’s No. 1 favorite family vacation destination with 450 hotels. Visitors have choices from multi-acre resorts to themed boutique hotels.

Mexico City, Mexico: A long time destination for notable creatives like Jack Kerouac, Mexico City is experiencing a resurgence on the travel scene this year. “Mexico City is the kind of place you visit once and immediately start planning how you’re going to relocate,” says Nneya Richards, a speaker and travel blogger at ’N A Perfect World. According to Richards, people looked to get away from city life when they traveled. Nightlife, restaurants, theatre, the pulses of cities were shuttered. As the world re-emerges, Mexico City has this in spades.

Barbados, The Caribbean: Founder of Jet Set Sarah, Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon recommends this island hot spot. According to the travel blogger, the South Coast of Barbados is traditionally known for barefoot hotels, but now this gorgeous region is seeing a spike in luxe hotels and restaurants, including the Sea Breeze Beach House, Sandals Barbados and O2 Beach Club, where you’ll find three pools (including one of the few rooftop pools on the island), six dining experiences, seven bars, a teen lounge and a spa with panoramic ocean views. Also not to be missed: the beachfront Barbados Boardwalk, with pools and stunning views of the open sea.

Alberta, Canada: California Chaney, a global travel writer, recommends Alberta as it holds wonder around every bend and corner, from the spectacular Canadian Rockies to the Badlands to the culturally rich cities. Chaney believes Alberta is perfect for travelers with passions for learning and the expansive outdoors, as it offers a wide variety of festivals and museums, rich and interactive history, exquisite provincial parks, delicious cuisine with small batch spirits and an impressive number of daylight hours to maximize time. In early July, the sun rises before 5:30 and sets close to 10 p.m.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming: Jackson Hole is another top U.S. destination and is a year-round playground for the rich and adventurous. With close proximity to two national parks—Grand Teton and Yellowstone, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary, there are plenty of warm weather activities like hiking, paddle-boarding, kayaking, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, wildlife tours, biking, fishing, camping, etc. Consider the Amangani, whose in-house naturalists will lead private tours through the national parks.

Huacachina, Peru: Peggy Bree, the podcast host of Branding Gems, believes Peru is a hidden gem in South American travel. Peru is known for Machu Picchu but only 200 miles south of Lima and 10 minutes from the busy city of Ica, you’ll find the latest place to explore: Huacachina, an arid coastal desert town that is home to the world’s second highest sand dune. “This is a new find that people should flock to when they think of Peru. A true oasis in the desert,” says Bree. “There is just no other place like this one—it’s a hidden gem of a find where I fell in awe of the change of scenery.”

Paris, France: How can Paris not be on the list? “This city is super resilient,” says Lindsey Tramuta, author of the bestselling book The New Paris. “You have this reawakening of the city, which is really beautiful.” Known for fashion and culinary dining, there has also been the recent opening of the Hôtel de la Marine museum, which had been closed to the public since the 1800’s. Everyone is also talking about the reopening of Samaritaine, the Art Deco and Art Nouveau department store. “Even if you’re not necessarily in the market to shop for anything, architecturally it’s worth seeing, both outside and inside,” says Tramuta.

Azores, Portugal: Another top Europe destination is Portugal. Once the most underrated country in Western Europe, Portugal is now on every traveler’s radar as it is cheaper than neighboring Spain and France and is home to the world’s first demarcated wine region and its comfortable climate makes it a year-round destination. Nonstop flights are now available from the U.S. on Azores Airlines to Madeira, a tropical destination that is basically Portugal’s answer to Hawaii.

Inflation may keep some people from traveling, but for the lucky who are still fortunate to jet off to a new location, they may find some destinations on this list worth considering.