Fans in 165 countries around the world will be thrilled to know that Apple Music now has two new live global radio offerings that will have you singing along to your favorite country songs and those ever exciting Backstreet Boys hits from the 1990’s.

This month the tech giant announced that its Beats 1 radio station, which has now been renamed to Apple Music 1, has added two new radio station launches: Apple Music Hits, which plays songs from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s, and Apple Music Country, a station that spotlights…. you guessed it…. country music.

“For the past five years, if ever there was a meaningful moment in music culture, Beats 1 was there bringing human curation to the forefront and drawing in listeners with exclusive shows from some of the most innovative, respected, and beloved people in music,” remarked Oliver Schusser, the vice president of Apple Music, Beats, and International Content.

He added, “Now, Apple Music radio provides an unparalleled global platform for artists across all genres to talk about, create, and share music with their fans, and this is just the beginning. We will continue to invest in live radio and create opportunities for listeners around the world to connect with the music they love.”

Zane Lowe, the host of the now-former Beats 1 Radio, will still host on Apple Music 1. “Apple Music is home — it’s home to artists, it’s home to fans, and it’s home to incredible music,” said Zane Lowe, who is also Apple Music’s global creative director.

“I’m an obsessive music nerd. I love searching for the most exciting new artists and playing them right alongside the most essential, established artists of our time, because great music does not know the difference and Apple Music fans just want to hear great music. That’s what Apple Music radio is all about,” he added.

The new Apple Music Hits station will offer a catalog of the biggest songs from the 80’s all the way to the 2000’s which includes hits from Snoop Dogg, Shania Twain, the Backstreet Boys, and others. The station will also connect listeners with the stories behind some of the most popular songs in the world from these decades.

Daily on-air hosts will include George Stroumboulopoulos of “House of Strombo,” and Estelle. The station will also feature special shows from Ari Melber and others.

The Apple Music Country station will feature some of the hottest country songs of today as well as offering listeners tunes from legendary artists that have made country music what it is.

The station will also feature exclusive shows from artists including Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood, and Morgan Evans, as well as legendary producer and songwriter Dave Cobb.

Apple Music has been allowing singers and bands to connect with fans as the coronavirus pandemic keeps concerts and shows closed to the public. Many entertainers have resorted to live virtual shows and have taken their creativity to podcasts and radio shows to stay connected with audiences.

Huey Lewis has a show with Apple Music called ‘80s Radio with Huey Lewis,” which features stars from the 80’s and looks back on touring, playing, and making music.

Grammy winner Billie Eilish and her father Patrick O’Connell also have a show called “me and dad Radio.” Eilish said to Apple Music, “My dad and I have been putting each other on to music since I can remember, and we want to share it with you.”

According to a study published recently by the trade publication Pollstar, in a worst-case scenario, the concert industry could lose almost $9 billion if coronavirus quarantines don’t lift by the end of 2020. Major concerts and events around the world have been either postponed or canceled due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

To listen to Apple Music 1, Apple Music Hits or Apple Music Country radio stations, you can do so on any device with Apple Music or through the website.