“Still alive and kickin’” was our conclusion about the state of radio last week after considering its nearly 100-year journey from the so-called Golden Age.

Fred Jacobs of Jacobs Media, a Hall of Famer who’s significantly responsible for the modern industry’s success, adds, “It’s about how broadcast radio now competes against everybody.”

Staying at the edge of technology and delivery systems has helped. The key, though, is still and always will be content. Music of many genres? Yes, of course. Talk in its various forms? For better or worse, sure.

But radio opens a venue that’s exclusive to audio storytelling: the Theater of the Mind. It’s a term with Golden Age roots that, according to The Atlantic, reflects how “listening . . . is more active . . . because you are constantly building your own images of the story in your mind and you’re creating your own production.”

Today, the concept has continued to evolve through highly-produced podcasts, sophisticated public radio-style news and feature reporting, plus the interviewing and communication skills of both public and commercial on-air hosts and anchors.

“Yes, it’s about stories,” says Jacobs. “But those stories are dependent on the talent who tells them.”

Radio Media is in the business of connecting its clients and their stories with the country’s top broadcast talent. And just as important—making sure the people who speak for those clients have an equally compelling level of storytelling skills.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll recount some memorable examples of that, throw in occasional context about radio’s history and importance, and stay abreast of what’s happening in the ever-evolving areas of content and connection.

After all, Radio Media’s own story is how industry heavyweights with hefty track records have combined their expertise to help companies, institutions, and nonprofits reach and capture intended audiences.

One of those clients could be you.

What’s your story, and how can you best tell it?

Positive awareness for your organization is driven with a unique combination of services headlined by the signature Radio Media Tour, a calendar of pre-scheduled interviews up to fifteen minutes long at a series of carefully targeted radio stations. This includes media training for your spokesperson and storyteller to craft a compelling and conversational message.

Other services include public service announcements, audio news releases, podcasts, social media integration, and unparalleled hands-on support,

Key relationships with stations and reporters across North America deliver your story effectively through the best outlets—in the form of news and public affairs content, not paid advertising, for maximum value and impact across a wide network of channels.

When the campaign’s complete, a detailed followup report immerses you in the mix of where your story was used, who it reached, and how it was received.

You can also expect a happy ending, with the verified assurance that all established goals and objectives are met.

Fred Jacobs says, “What is it about the radio we create that makes it compelling, buzzworthy, and valuable . . . ?

“Simple. It’s about talent.”

You’ve come to the right place. Stay tuned.

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