How the Pandemic Has Affected Radio

Since the current health crisis has affected radio broadcasting, quick changes were made or the stations would fail. Even after the pandemic ends, many believe that radio could be permanently altered. Response to the Virus In the beginning, it was unclear how stations would handle the stay at home orders and it would affect broadcasting. […]


What’s The Story?

“Still alive and kickin’” was our conclusion about the state of radio last week after considering its nearly 100-year journey from the so-called Golden Age. Fred Jacobs of Jacobs Media, a Hall of Famer who’s significantly responsible for the modern industry’s success, adds, “It’s about how broadcast radio now competes against everybody.” Staying at the […]


Radio is Still Alive and Kickin’

The “Golden Age” of radio—the time period when American broadcast radio peaked in popularity—came in the 1930s and 1940s. At a time when our nation was plagued by depression and war, the radio rose as a crucial information outlet and source of amusement in a time of darkness. Whether they were tuning into Franklin Roosevelt’s […]