The 2021 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) may have been unlike its past events with it going all virtual this year, but there was no shortage of new and must-see products to intrigue any tech enthusiast.

The coronavirus has become a key part of modern life, so it is no surprise that several products at this year’s CES to really stick out were COVID-19 related.

With how common face masks are now in society, it was a race at CES 2021 to “gadgetize” them and intensify their appeal. Leading the race was Razer, which unveiled a transparent voice-amplifying concept mask that even lights up.

Razer’s Project Hazel is an N95 mask that uses tech to help prevent COVID-19 infection with active ventilation and a UV sterilizer. The concept smart mask (which means it may never go on sale) uses replaceable filters and rechargeable ventilators on its pods. It also comes equipped with LED lights to show charge status and can make your mouth visible at night. With audio-processing algorithms built-in, your voice can also sound clearer and more audible through the mask.

AirPop also showcased its Active+ Smart Mask that monitors not only a user’s breathing rates but also sends them alerts through their smartphone to let them know when the mask filter needs to be changed. Binatone revealed its own MaskFone for those who make a lot of phone calls, and it comes with built in earbuds and a mic.

As more consumers try to stay safe in this new pandemic world, Kohler revealed not one, but two touchless toilets at CES 2021. Both toilets use sensors in the flush lever to flush with simply the wave of a hand. Kohler’s toilets are slated for release in March and have price tags of $600 and $1,000.

In line with not having to touch things, imagine a doorbell that rings with you simply standing in front of it before a camera. The Arlo touchless video doorbell was presented at the virtual conference and while it may be unconventional, it does help to avoid touching potentially contaminated surfaces.

“Our Touchless Video Doorbell helps homeowners and visitors alike maintain social distance and avoid encountering germs, bacteria and viruses that may exist on surfaces around the front door,” says Anne Ferguson,’s VP of marketing. “Adding this touch-free solution to an smart home security system is another way we can stay vigilant and protect one another.”

Air purifiers were undoubtedly another big hit at CES 2021, with Brondell’s new Pro Sanitizing Air Purifier getting quite a bit of attention. The company’s purifier includes HEPA filtration, a disinfecting UV lamp, a nanocrystalline filter, and a plasma generator. It also comes with a prefilter that covers most airborne irritants and contagions you would find in your home.

According to Brondell, the Pro Sanitizing Air Purifier is certified to capture and eliminate more than 99.9% of airborne coronavirus particles within 15 minutes. The product has a price tag of $650 and should be available soon.

As more people stayed home in 2020, workout equipment sold out quickly as fitness moved out of the gym and into the living room. Bowflex unveiled two upcoming products at CES 2021: an elliptical-stair climber crossover dubbed the M9 Max Trainer and the T22 Tread treadmill, which features a large 22-inch touchscreen.

Samsung also revealed its Smart Trainer, a component of the company’s Samsung Health app which allows users to connect a webcam and app to their TV screen to track workouts and get personal training advice at home.

2020 was a massive year for the gaming industry as more people were home to use their consoles. With both Sony and Microsoft ending last year with new consoles launched, the industry could have another big year ahead.

Various gaming equipment such as laptops announced by HP, Nvidia and Dell, and gaming chairs were some of the hottest highlights at CES 2021.

Nvidia announced its line-up of RTX 30-series mobile GPUs which are the RTX 3080, RTX 3070, and RTX 3060. Nvidia has said it is the biggest gaming laptop launch ever. The company will have 70 new gaming laptops being released in the coming months featuring the latest chips, some as early as January 26th.

Razer, the company behind the concept smart face mask, also showed the world in an all-in-one immersive gaming chair with haptic feedback and a wraparound screen. The chair, called Project Brooklyn, also remains just a concept for now.

The company describes the innovative chair as the ultimate gaming chair that “transforms into an entertainment powerhouse packed with panoramic visuals in a 60” rollout display, riveting tactile feedback, and a transformable table for PC and console gaming.”

Other gaming/computer related highlights at CES include AMD using the virtual show to launch the Ryzen 5000 and Intel teasing its 12th-gen Core chips, Alder Lake. The chips are expected in late-2021.

What would CES be without showcasing some exciting new phones on the way? The rollable phone may be the next big thing in smartphones, and LG briefly showed the world its new Rollable phone. The phone be the first to hit the market and according to people familiar with LG’s plans, the company plans to release the phone later this year. LG’s Rollable smartphone has a display that extends upward to create a larger, more tablet-like screen.

The Consumer Technology Association, which hosts CES said, “We plan to return to Las Vegas for CES 2022, combining the best elements of a physical and digital show.”