Hollywood Celebs Stay Connected During Pandemic By Podcasting

In recent years podcasts have become widely recognized as not only a cultural innovation but as an essential media platform. Countless celebrities, comedians, musicians, and pro athletes have started their own podcasts and have seen tremendous success. Whether it may be the free publicity, brand awareness, or the ease of connecting with fans and new […]


Broadcast Amateurs Connect With Others More Than Ever

COVID-19 has increased the loneliness signal in 2020 as millions of people are remaining inside their homes to ward off the virus. Fortunately, the flick of a dial is helping many of these people cope during isolation. More than ever, radio is now allowing people to help their mental health as it offers a way […]


What’s The Story?

“Still alive and kickin’” was our conclusion about the state of radio last week after considering its nearly 100-year journey from the so-called Golden Age. Fred Jacobs of Jacobs Media, a Hall of Famer who’s significantly responsible for the modern industry’s success, adds, “It’s about how broadcast radio now competes against everybody.” Staying at the […]